Welcome to Image-Studio UK. Are you interested in photography? Do you search for a single definitive source of information on the internet that can provide you with enough background knowledge on photography to get started?


The very first camera a photographer uses are what actually draws them towards the art. I remember, my first camera was a simple Pentax point and shoot camera but the thrill of being able to capture everything around me with utmost precision and in my own creative image was what led me on to becoming a photographer. Many stay the course and eventually master the art of photography but some tend to lose interest midway through. If you are just starting out in your love affair with photography, then you have come to the right place because I plan on revealing only the things that you need to know at first.

Mastering each of the components discussed on this website though takes time and you will find that you are naturally gifted at one of them. That is where you need to focus your creative energy on. For instance, if you play rather well with the aperture and ISO settings then use that to capture amazing pictures. However, if you are more of an editing kind of guy, then stick to editing software and make your pictures look good with post-processing.

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